Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks offers a full line of next-generation security appliances that range from the PA-200, designed for enterprise remote offices, to the PA-7050, which is a modular chassis designed for high-speed datacenters. Our platform architecture is based on our single-pass software engine and uses function-specific processing for networking, security, threat prevention, and management to deliver predictable performance. The same firewall functionality that is delivered in the hardware appliances is also available in the VM-Series virtual firewall, allowing you to secure your virtualized and cloud-based computing environments using the same policies applied to your perimeter or remote office firewalls.

WildFire offers a completely new approach to Cybersecurity. Through native integration with Palo Alto Networks' Enterprise Security Platform, the service brings advanced threat detection and prevention to every security platform deployed throughout the network, automatically sharing protections with all WildFire subscribers globally in about 15 minutes. The service offers:

  • Unified hybrid cloud architecture, either deployed through the public cloud, or via a private cloud appliance that maintains all data on the local network.
  • Dynamic analysis of suspicious content in a cloud-based virtual environment to discover unknown threats.
  • Automatic creation and enforcement of best-in-class content-based malware protections.
  • Link detection in email, proactively blocking access to malicious websites.

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