Brief Introduction of IBM Taiwan

Starting Point

In 1956, IBM established its subsidiary in Taiwan with the approval of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. At first, the company was located at the International House of Taipei with merely 40 square meters of office space, four employees.


In the 57 years since established in Taiwan, IBM has been unswervingly committed to the concept of challenging itself, has garnered countless awards, has actively introduced resources from overseas, has participated in the overall transformation and enhancement of Taiwan's industry, and has become one of the long-standing foreign enterprise in Taiwan.

Scope of Business

IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, as well as offers business solutions and services such as consulting, application development and management, infrastructure, hosting and outsourcing in areas ranging from mainframe system to nanotechnology. IBM also offers simple, customizable leasing and financing for IT solution, including hardware, software and services.

IBM's Business Unit

Systems and Technology Group, STG

STG includes Enterprise Systems that serves Financial Services Sector and Industrial Sector, Run Rate Business that meets the SMB's IT need, and platform that integrates to support each departments.

Software Group, SWG

IBM's SWG strives to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced software, including Information Management, IBM Collaboration Service, Rational, Tivoli, WebSphere, Security, etc.

Global Business Services, GBS

IBM's GBS is the professional services arm of Global Services, including management consulting, systems integration, and application management services. Through IBM‘s extensive industry experience, business process expertise, and wealth of intellectual capital, GBS delivers business value and innovation to clients.

Global Technology Services, GTS

IBM's GTS primarily reflects infrastructure services, delivering value through the Company‘s standardization and automation. It includes outsourcing services, Integrated Technology Services, and Maintenance.

Integrated Technology Delivery, ITD

IBM's ITD provides clients the best integrated information technology to meet the clients' business demand. The ITD can also help reduce risks and shorten the time for execution and learning curve of professional technology. Companies may strategically use the outsourcing services to focus on its core business. The ITD provides the industry an all-dimensional information technology service.

Financial Services Sector

IBM's Financial Services Sector has over 6,000 consultants fully dedicated to the financial services industry worldwide, helping clients keep up with changing market condition and face new competition.

General Business Sector

IBM's General Business follows "broad in-depth, localizing management" as the highest direction, fully growing SMB market. Hosting e-business forum, discussing the needs of clients in different industries; eventually sorting out suitable solutions for up and downstream clients, helping SMB to enhance in competitiveness.

Industrial Sector

The main service is to help business tailor build a e-production process, and speed up the R&D procedure and available in the market time, while enhancing productivity, lowering cost for material and document management. Recently success are the two major mobile phone vendors, including Siemens, to conduct system adaptation.

Public Sector

Specialized engineer team helps the old public operate systems transform, helping business to face the challenges of cost, law compliance, and service objective; at the same time, being able to provide clients with top quality services, and lowering cost while enhancing productivity.

Communication Sector (move under General Business Sector since 2013)

The goals of the Communication Sector are providing companies the IT framework plans, improving business process, advancing systems, and boosting stability for Taiwan's telecom and power industries. IBM's Communication Sector intends to further help telecom companies use the IT solution to get accurate information so as to provide more diversified client services, market strategy planning, sales, and execution.

Distribution Sector (move under General Business Sector since 2013)

IBM's Distribution Sector provides innovative solutions with business values for Taiwan's land, sea, and air transportation. This sector helps the logistics/distribution industry use the information technology solution and services to provide more perfect service process, market planning, sales, and execution. 

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