About Cellopoint

Cellopoint is a leading manufacturer of information security and email lifecycle management (ELM) products. We specialize in anti-spam, security defense, mail auditing and archiving solutions for email. Cellopoint's industry-leading team is composed of specialist management personnel and outstanding developers with a wealth of experience in the industry. Cellopoint collaborates with clients and partners from around the world to develop innovative products and solutions based on their requirements and forward-thinking concepts.

Mission and Vision
Our mission and vision are to become an outstanding, world-class company, earn the confidence of our clients, partners, shareholders and employees, and become the most trusted name in the email security and management field. We aim to offer our customers products with the highest possible price/performance ratio, to generate profits and provide effective sales tools for our partners, to deliver outstanding returns to our shareholders, and to create excellent career development plans for our employees.

The story of the Cellopoint name
The name "Cellopoint" originates with the cello. This musical instrument is responsible for the lower tonal colors of the orchestra, within which its rich, warm sound is of crucial importance. The tailpiece of this large-bodied instrument rests on the ground, and this "point" must be stable and immovable in order to allow a perfect performance to be produced. Thus, the point of the cello is a key part of the orchestra's key instrument, and the name Cellopoint represents this most crucial and solid "foundation point". Nowadays, business organizations are increasingly complex. If this complexity is to be transformed into simple, effective communication, then this depends on the construction of a sound information infrastructure, within which an email system that offers high performance and highly stable operation is of particular importance. We are committed to ensuring that the solutions we provide are as important as the cello point is to the orchestra, working with the other instruments to create a harmonious performance, harmonizing our client organizations' internal operations and maintenance tasks and smoothing the processes of external information communications, thereby helping to build great businesses.

Our Products
We provide business organizations, schools, regional centers, banks and securities/funds, government entities and service providers with integrated solutions for email security, auditing and management, which are integrated with the network environment and fully compatible with existing email systems, AD/LDAP, virus scanning and backup systems. We also provide excellent system scalability and flexibility: from SMBs, small and medium-sized organizations to large-scale organizations, multinational corporations, computer centers and even service providers, we provide comprehensive solutions for organizations of any size.